How one of my clients changed her life

I would love to pop a picture and name to this story but a promise in the PMS programme is to keep everything inside the group.
One of my lovely clients has recently been self isolating, she's the main earner in the house and still breast feeding a small child.
Instead of thinking about how shit this was to do (again) she decided to call it her self love retreat and to make sure that everyday she allowed herself pleasure.
Each day she used her voice to speak out about her needs, each day she made sure she got 20-30 mins alone time to do whatever she wanted.
On one day her partner wasn't being super helpful and was in a mood.  At first she thought "I won't ask for my time today as it will rock the boat." 
She then remembered everything she had learnt and how she can speak her truth without it being a row.  Once again the art of authentic communication came in and and she easily got the pleasure she deserved! 
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Join me for 7mins at 7am

Until recently I've had a bit of a mental block with Instagram. Despite feeling totally comfortable going live and sharing my life with everyone in my Facebook groups, Instagram made me feel out of my comfort zone and imposter syndrome was rearing its ugly head.
I decided I needed to take my own advice. As I always recommend to you ladies to take action to make change, I decided that I will go live every weekday on Instagram at 7am offering 7 minutes of exercise. 
It doesn't matter that its not perfect, that I don't have the ideal home studio or that I might get interrupted by the cats or Hugo. What matters is that I can share my knowledge, reach and help more people than ever before.
Are you already following me on Instagram? If not, come and join me @superchargedclub and make sure to tag and tell your friends about 7 at 7! 
Come and kickstart your day with some free live training. Hope to see you tomorrow!
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How are you feeling about the countdown to summer?

It’s ok to buy new summer clothes if you piled on the pounds in lockdown 
You aren’t a bad person for finding it hard to eat healthy. 
It was challenging times. 
But, if you want to shift the weight, if buying new clothes fills you with dread and you really don’t want to go up a size.
Then join my Sculpt with Emma programme. You can get results in just 15 minutes a day.
If you really want to go all in and lean out then my Sculpt and Lean programme is for you. All the tools you need to fuel and tone your body to maximise results for a post lockdown summer, feeling your best self.

Simply click the images below to find out more about each programme or get in touch [email protected] with any questions.
For £30 off my Sculpt & Lean programme use the code SUMMERBODY at the checkout!
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Food Fear | Become an intuitive eater

Supercharged Club is all about guiding you to become an intuitive eater and exerciser.  But, with so many varieties of diets, I know how easy it is to get side tracked and be pulled in by the bullshit of the fitness industry.

The fact is….there are many ways of eating and many different ideas on how to exercise. Most of which have been tested out on young 18 -22 year old MEN…yes MEN!

I have worked with women for years and tried many different ways myself.

The Supercharged Club SCULPT AND LEAN way works.

Yes, there are rules.. like

Enjoy your food, have treats, eat with the family and don’t go too low calorie and increase your portion of protein and more green veggies.

SC way isn’t about living off lettuce and feeling depleted of energy. We need the food to give us the strength to sculpt our gorgeous womanly curves.

My first result driven weight loss programme was about consistently eating well and getting off the sugar, booze and processed food....

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Take back the power

Who is a powerful woman? Who's baddass?  Who’s a strong woman?

Women are all wonder women and super heroes, we so fucking are!

But…. are we missing out on saying YES, YES, YES to the life WE WANT TO LIVE?

Are we missing out on saying YES, YES, YES to ourselves because we are so fucking busy looking after everyone else?

What would happen if women really started living as empowered women?  Can you imagine the impact we would have then?!

Girl power and all that!

I think the last 50 years women have worked harder than ever to live like a man. That’s ace…. but we are still doing the “women’s” work. We are the CEO of the house and the CEO’s at work. How fucking awesome are we?!

That’s brill and well fucking done!

But…how awesome do you FEEL??????


What I am asking you is this…

Are you living like an empowered woman?  Are you saying YES...

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How not to feel guilty for spending money on yourself

mindset women's health Dec 29, 2020

Self worth comes from self investment. You value things you invest in.

Do you think its worth Investing time, money and effort in your well being?

Let me ask you to close your eyes and visualise what you DO WANT?  Not your failures before, they are in the past.  What do you want?  Who are you wanting to become?  How do you want to feel in your body? How do you want to feel going about your daily activities? 

Really lean into how you wanna feel in 5 years time.  Feel that women.  What does she look like?  How is she feeling? How happy and energised is she?

Now have a little ponder and think about what she did to get there.  Where did she invest her time, money and effort?  Was it on concentrating on the hard stuff?  Did she waste time moaning? or did she change? Grow? Create?

At what cost would it take to get to that vision? 

Currency is current energy…what are you willing to invest your energy in?

Let's change the...

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Supercharged Club Programmes

If you're ready to take your health, fitness and mindset to the next level then I want to introduce you to my transformational online programmes. Designed for the busy woman, these programmes empower you to reach your goals, finally ditch the fad diets and live lean and sculpted for life! 

Sculpt with Emma

Do you want to gain more by doing less? Why workout for hours when you can workout for 15 minutes a day and get results!

We are all lacking in time, money and motivation but what if you could shape up, get stronger, more flexible and sculpted without hour long workouts and expensive gym memberships? 

With Sculpt with Emma membership, now you can!


Sculpt & Lean

Are you struggling to achieve the lean, sculpted body that you dream of?

Do you eat healthily the majority of the time, yet you still aren't seeing the fat loss you hope for? You put in the effort, you understand what healthy foods are and you cook from scratch but still don't see...

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Join my FREE Supercharged Mamas community

If you've been beasting yourself with long endurance runs, attending military fitness classes or other hardcore exercise and not seeing results despite massive effort, then it might be time to try another way.

As we age as women, what our bodies need changes. Elevated stress levels whether from being overworked or over exercised will affect our weight and well-being. As we shift into Peri-menopause and menopause, we need to work with our bodies, not against them to achieve the results we desire and to age in health.

I work with hundreds of women, guiding them daily with my online live workouts and mindset. What they have to say speaks volumes so I'll let you read it in their words...

In the meantime, I'd love to invite you to join my FREE Facebook group - Supercharged Mamas alongside over a 1,000 other women.

In this group, you'll find resources on topics including:
- Core & Pelvic floor
- Weight Loss
- Exercising post-partum
- Mobility & Stretch videos
- Peri-menopause...

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Meet Emma


Hello and welcome to Supercharged Club. I'm Emma, a leader in exercise for the modern women. People call me the Miss Motivator of female fitness. With the current exercise trend being all about insanity type fast paced workouts and training to constantly out do your last training session with personal bests…its no wonder that we feel like like worn out zombies rather than powerful wonder women!

The keep going, keep pushing, do more, no pain no gain fitness speak is detrimental to our health, both mentally, physically and spiritually.

I'm here to change the way women move, think and feel.

I'm proud to lead my pack of women differently. A new way in which women get stronger, work out consistently, get the results and also do it in a way which honours their fucking amazing bodies.  Consistency is key to changing shape and getting stronger, but as a woman with hormones and therefore energy dips and highs, what consistency means is different for...

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