Food Fear | Become an intuitive eater

Supercharged Club is all about guiding you to become an intuitive eater and exerciser.  But, with so many varieties of diets, I know how easy it is to get side tracked and be pulled in by the bullshit of the fitness industry.

The fact is….there are many ways of eating and many different ideas on how to exercise. Most of which have been tested out on young 18 -22 year old MEN…yes MEN!

I have worked with women for years and tried many different ways myself.

The Supercharged Club SCULPT AND LEAN way works.

Yes, there are rules.. like

Enjoy your food, have treats, eat with the family and don’t go too low calorie and increase your portion of protein and more green veggies.

SC way isn’t about living off lettuce and feeling depleted of energy. We need the food to give us the strength to sculpt our gorgeous womanly curves.

My first result driven weight loss programme was about consistently eating well and getting off the sugar, booze and processed food.  The 6-12 week supercharged club missions rocked and got awesome fat loss.

But, I wanted to produce something that took the guess work out of meal planning.

Something that got women even better results

Something that worked with busy women’s lifestyles and meant that they new how to eat for results.

You see…there is a difference between eating healthy and eating for results.

I help women get the results and at the same time teach them to eat around their hormone cycle and as the months progress to eat more intuitively.

What does eating intuitively mean?  It means eating without guilt, eating for enjoyment.  Obvs you can’t eat everything you want all the time…if that was the case you would see me sipping Baileys whilst biting into a block of cheese with a packet of hobnobs next to me at all times!

Eating intuitively means promoting a healthy attitude to food.  Yes, sometimes you eat cake and chips and other times its cod and kale on a bed of salad leaves.

Neither foods make you a good or bad person…though the cod and kale will definitely make you feel better and fuel you more whilst the chips may give you indigestion! But…so bloody lovely at the time of eating…right?!

Want to know how to eat for results?

Here's your investment...

It's just £197 to never need another bloody diet again.

Just £197 to never fall victim to fasting, cleanse, juice diet or Keto plan.

A reminder:  You won’t get the return without the investment…right?

My top tip...It pays to pay

Stop chasing free and start chasing FREEDOM

You don’t get anything in life without investment

Whether that’s time, money or energy or all 3!

Think about it.



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