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Until recently I've had a bit of a mental block with Instagram. Despite feeling totally comfortable going live and sharing my life with everyone in my Facebook groups, Instagram made me feel out of my comfort zone and imposter syndrome was rearing its ugly head.
I decided I needed to take my own advice. As I always recommend to you ladies to take action to make change, I decided that I will go live every weekday on Instagram at 7am offering 7 minutes of exercise. 
It doesn't matter that its not perfect, that I don't have the ideal home studio or that I might get interrupted by the cats or Hugo. What matters is that I can share my knowledge, reach and help more people than ever before.
Are you already following me on Instagram? If not, come and join me @superchargedclub and make sure to tag and tell your friends about 7 at 7! 
Come and kickstart your day with some free live training. Hope to see you tomorrow!
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If you've been beasting yourself with long endurance runs, attending military fitness classes or other hardcore exercise and not seeing results despite massive effort, then it might be time to try another way.

As we age as women, what our bodies need changes. Elevated stress levels whether from being overworked or over exercised will affect our weight and well-being. As we shift into Peri-menopause and menopause, we need to work with our bodies, not against them to achieve the results we desire and to age in health.

I work with hundreds of women, guiding them daily with my online live workouts and mindset. What they have to say speaks volumes so I'll let you read it in their words...

In the meantime, I'd love to invite you to join my FREE Facebook group - Supercharged Mamas alongside over a 1,000 other women.

In this group, you'll find resources on topics including:
- Core & Pelvic floor
- Weight Loss
- Exercising post-partum
- Mobility & Stretch videos
- Peri-menopause...

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