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I am Emma

I believe that women's bodies were designed to feel great, to feel pleasure, to feel amazing.

If you are living in a body that isn't feeling awesome, turned on, healthy and strong then you have found the coach for you! 

Feeling good in your body is your birthright

Emma's methods are uncomplicated and fun and get fast results. Emma uses a mix of techniques to help women heading into midlife live forever fit and healthy and turned on by life and their bodies. YOU DESERVE TO FEEL GREAT

No more limiting beliefs; pull up those superwoman pants

An expert empathy coach that can sense the emotions of those around me. My talent is helping women to rise and unbecome those old habits and beliefs that are holding them back. Encouragement, inspiration, comfort and stability help you to hold a clear vision of your future self. No can'ts, if's or buts, instead you'll overcome your fears and find the courage to live the life you always imagined.                                     

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Discover what you're really hungry for

I will teach you how to discover what YOU are really hungry for. My unique approach makes my online Sculpt with Emma community more uplifting for you than a night with Brad Pitt! Feeling good on the inside and looking good on the outside, being fit, strong, flexible and living in an ageless body is what my programmes are designed to give you. Feel empowered to know what you want and god damn well go and get it!

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Get lean, sculpted curves for life

My enthusiasm for my online communities is infectious. My courses have been developed from living. Binge eating, bulimia and functioning alcoholism, I've been there. Living in a relationship of resentment and becoming a single mum, yep been there too. Turning a floppy core and pelvic floor into a body that turns heads at 43, you get the idea. Without these experiences I simply wouldn't be the mentor I am today. 

Get lean & sculpted

It all starts with one word. ACTION

Book a call, send a message, wave the white flag and surrender to the fact that you simply need a little help to give you a push (or even a hug lift) in the right direction. 5,4,3,2,1 LIFT OFF!

✨ My mission is to empower women to change their narrative, find their inner superwoman and manifest the life and bodies of their dreams. I teach women how to eat and move their bodies so they feel lean, sculpted and full of vitality. I look forward to working with you as we age in health both physically and mentally ✨

Sculpt with Emma

Do you want to gain more by doing less? Why workout for hours when you can workout for 15 minutes a day and get results!

We are all lacking in time, money and motivation but what if you could shape up, get stronger, more flexible and sculpted without hour long workouts and expensive gym memberships? 

With Sculpt with Emma membership, now you can!

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Sculpt & Lean

Are you struggling to achieve the lean, sculpted body that you dream of?

Do you eat healthily the majority of the time, yet you still aren't seeing the fat loss you hope for? You put in the effort, you understand what healthy foods are and you cook from scratch but still don't see results? 

My Sculpt & Lean programme is your fast track to fat loss. 

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PMS Programme

Do you want to receive more pleasure in your life?

You can create a happier and less stressful life. You are the generator of your energy and ONLY YOU can make yourself happy on the inside.

The 3 main reasons people don't thrive are:
✰ A feeling of not being enough.

✰ They have convinced themselves it won't happen to them because...
✰ They feel they are lacking and different to other more successful people.

This is all bullshit...bullshit thats weighing you down and stopping your pleasure from within.

Are you ready to cut yourself free?

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"It's a whole process of getting to know what your body need, an education in nutrition and an amazing group of women sharing their journey towards taking control of their bodies."

Emma. W

Join over a thousand women who are striving to become better versions of themselves.

Become a part of the Supercharged community and receive your FREE 'Empowered Woman' workbook. 


Join over a thousand women who are striving to become better versions of themselves.

Become a part of the Supercharged community and receive your FREE 'Get to the core of the matter' video guide.