How not to feel guilty for spending money on yourself

mindset women's health Dec 29, 2020

Self worth comes from self investment. You value things you invest in.

Do you think its worth Investing time, money and effort in your well being?

Let me ask you to close your eyes and visualise what you DO WANT?  Not your failures before, they are in the past.  What do you want?  Who are you wanting to become?  How do you want to feel in your body? How do you want to feel going about your daily activities? 

Really lean into how you wanna feel in 5 years time.  Feel that women.  What does she look like?  How is she feeling? How happy and energised is she?

Now have a little ponder and think about what she did to get there.  Where did she invest her time, money and effort?  Was it on concentrating on the hard stuff?  Did she waste time moaning? or did she change? Grow? Create?

At what cost would it take to get to that vision? 

Currency is current energy…what are you willing to invest your energy in?

Let's change the narrative, instead of its costing me “xyz” instead use the words “I am investing xyz in my health.”

Wow that feels good right?  Maybe next time you buy a bottle of wine or a takeout think about the investment in your currency (current energy)

You can easily spend 67p a day on parking (or more!) on cheap throw away clothes or towards a takeaway coffee.

When you invest in Supercharged Club you not only invest in yourself but you invest in me.  This mamma takes your investment and she grows as a person in her life. She gets to move forward in her own self development.

When you invest in people instead of things it feels good.  Imagine them doing a happy dance. 

Next time you tip the waiting staff, the cleaning staff, next time you over pay a handy person.  Be proud of giving to them.  Instead of thinking of how much they charge, instead think about how they have assisted you in living a happier, easier life. They deserve a little extra…right?

When you appreciate everyone for their gift to you, you can start paying more  attention to where you spend your money.

For so long the big companies, the government get our hard earned cash and the nurses, the physios, the self development coaches, people that change the world's mental and physical health hardly get anything. We think paying for self development and mental and physical strength is a cost we shouldn’t bear.  Lets spin that around and actually start paying the people that change our lives for the better more money!  Let's not wait for them to discount their course… let’s part with our currency and help save the world at the same time.

Each time we invest in ourselves we help someone else grow too.  How fucking awesome does that feel!

Think of that investment like an energy exchange. Instead of asking how much the courses cost, ask how much they will give back to you.

Don’t see my Supercharged programmes as a cost, see them as an investment.  Not only in your health but in the future of Women’s health.  You are investing in, supporting and empowering women to come.  My services are so much more than what you get from your monthly Netflix account!  I will help change your life for the better.

Our current energy seems to be invested in the wrong hands.. It's time to not see self development as a cost, it's time to see it as an energy exchange. 

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Emma x



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