Supercharged Club Programmes

If you're ready to take your health, fitness and mindset to the next level then I want to introduce you to my transformational online programmes. Designed for the busy woman, these programmes empower you to reach your goals, finally ditch the fad diets and live lean and sculpted for life! 

Sculpt with Emma

Do you want to gain more by doing less? Why workout for hours when you can workout for 15 minutes a day and get results!

We are all lacking in time, money and motivation but what if you could shape up, get stronger, more flexible and sculpted without hour long workouts and expensive gym memberships? 

With Sculpt with Emma membership, now you can!


Sculpt & Lean

Are you struggling to achieve the lean, sculpted body that you dream of?

Do you eat healthily the majority of the time, yet you still aren't seeing the fat loss you hope for? You put in the effort, you understand what healthy foods are and you cook from scratch but still don't see...

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Join my FREE Supercharged Mamas community

If you've been beasting yourself with long endurance runs, attending military fitness classes or other hardcore exercise and not seeing results despite massive effort, then it might be time to try another way.

As we age as women, what our bodies need changes. Elevated stress levels whether from being overworked or over exercised will affect our weight and well-being. As we shift into Peri-menopause and menopause, we need to work with our bodies, not against them to achieve the results we desire and to age in health.

I work with hundreds of women, guiding them daily with my online live workouts and mindset. What they have to say speaks volumes so I'll let you read it in their words...

In the meantime, I'd love to invite you to join my FREE Facebook group - Supercharged Mamas alongside over a 1,000 other women.

In this group, you'll find resources on topics including:
- Core & Pelvic floor
- Weight Loss
- Exercising post-partum
- Mobility & Stretch videos
- Peri-menopause...

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Meet Emma


Hello and welcome to Supercharged Club. I'm Emma, a leader in exercise for the modern women. People call me the Miss Motivator of female fitness. With the current exercise trend being all about insanity type fast paced workouts and training to constantly out do your last training session with personal bests…its no wonder that we feel like like worn out zombies rather than powerful wonder women!

The keep going, keep pushing, do more, no pain no gain fitness speak is detrimental to our health, both mentally, physically and spiritually.

I'm here to change the way women move, think and feel.

I'm proud to lead my pack of women differently. A new way in which women get stronger, work out consistently, get the results and also do it in a way which honours their fucking amazing bodies.  Consistency is key to changing shape and getting stronger, but as a woman with hormones and therefore energy dips and highs, what consistency means is different for...

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