Let's train our bat wings so we can fly higher!

Let's teach our kids that exercise isn’t a punishment for what we ate.

That exercise is like taking a car to be serviced.  Our body and mind need constant love and upgrading.

Our mind is like a computer and self development is your minds latest upgrade.

Exercise smart instead of always hard and you will learn to love exercise again.

When planning your new years fitness goal, how about we come from a place of love and respect instead of punishment.

Let's exercise so that we have the strength to climb trees and swing from the monkey bars.

Let's exercise so that we can tie our own shoelaces when we are 80!

Let's exercise for bone density.

Let's look at exercise for ourselves like we do when walking our dog.

It's standard to feed your dog breakfast, pat it and stroke it and give it love and exercise it and then allow it to rest! Isn’t that how we should live our lives too?

You are a pedigree you have just been living life like a hamster on a wheel, a forever turning wheel that’s just getting nowhere fast!

Picture this

A young girl and her mom eating ice cream together in the park.  After they enjoyed the ice cream the mum felt guilt and turned to her daughter and said...

“I will have to do double burpees tonight to get rid of that.”

Yes..ladies…this is what I heard.  I hear things like this all the time.

I hear women talking about fat loss around kids all the time….not at my dinner table!  We talk about our desires and our loves and wishes and what excites us..there is so much more to life than weight loss.

What message is this giving our youngsters?

Want to be a women that empowers other women (especially our youngsters)

Start with saying

“ I exercise to make my bat wings stronger so I can fly higher”

Remember those exercise goals.

  • I must do 100 burpees a day
  • I must run 30 mins a day
  • I must train 6 times a week

These kind of goals maybe the ones that are holding you back from actually achieving what you want.

When I changed my goals into desires and feelings and coming from a place of respect my body felt better and looked better than ever!

Yes sometimes I push through

Yes sometimes I want to lift heavier than before

Yes sometimes I want to do extra workouts and that’s ok…it comes from a place of wanting to and not a place of burning off the calories or hitting a target set by someone else's idea of what fitness is.

Want to get results, train smart, train like a women and feel better than ever?


Did you know????

The large majority of exercise science is based on young men aged between 18 and 22 years old.

Our bodies go through so many major transformations in our life time.  Puberty, kids, menopause.  Let’s honour our female curves.

Yes make your bodies strong and lean if that’s what you want.  But let’s do it in a way that is respectful.

Let’s honour our periods and rest.  Enjoy the rest without the guilt.

Let’s not feel we have to achieve personal bests and keep pushing each workout.

Let’s look at exercise as movement based and not just burpees.

Let’s change the narrative.

Let’s exercise our batwings so that we can fly higher!

Let’s focus on our bodies they are a mirror of our emotional and mental well-being.

Yes you can lift heavy, yes you can run or do HIIT…it’s not about pilates.

Our energy is always on a cycle and circle, we can’t ignore that we are women and therefore we should train as women.

Emma x



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