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empowering women mindset Jan 11, 2021

Somedays I live in my pyjamas, other days I am in full make up, somedays it's mess and tears other days it's fun and calm.

But everyday is a self love day.

Everyday I give my body back what it deserves, everyday I focus inwards and everyday I grow and expand and teach other ladies how to feel limitless.  

2020 taught me so much.  All the stuff I had been burying and ignoring came to the surface.

Yes, I lost it with home schooling many times and yes I reverted (sometimes) back to familiarity of hitting the bottle of wine!

Maybe you ate your tense feelings, or hit the bottle too.

Maybe you started 2021 with high hopes and then have resorted back or not even bothered to get off the sugar and booze as that’s your crutch atm.

That’s ok!  I hear ya!

But…listen up and believe me….when you do shift your habits life feels so much easier.

When you wake without a hangover or disturbed sleep from a dry mouth caused by booze…the day feels so much better!

When you don’t have that 3pm sugar crash, when you don’t sit till late watching TV and consuming the kids selection boxes….life is so much better!

At the moment you may feel low in energy, a bit down, lacking in will power.

That’s o.k…that’s normal for this time of year…let alone being back in lockdown…

But hear me out..

We can change our frequency.

We can live in abundance, even though we are finding life challenging.

It really isn’t that hard to switch lanes from low vibration frequency to high vibrational frequency..all you have to do is change the frequency!


If you are feeing unwell, tired, bloated, anxious, have gut issues, aches and pains, a difference in pelvic floor, skin issues, sleep issues and changes in your periods, the chances are that you need to swap your frequency, change lanes, retune the dial and raise that vibration.


Because all the above symptoms are messages from your body, from your higher self saying

“Help”…”stop”…”make changes”

I am here for you, I am here to help you grow, thrive and live life happier.

My own anxiety hit NEW levels just before the first lockdown in 2020, and after a full year living as a single parent.

In the year solo parenting I had done so much, my business had grown, I had adapted my life, I was busy…busy….busy.

Yes, I was busy

Yes, I ran a successful business

YES, my bank balance was great

Yes, I had lots of clients

Yes, the SC brand was thriving

BUT…….was I really talking the talk and walking the walk?

I was dangerously close to my own Mummy Burnout…despite helping many other women not burn out!

I was taking on clients through fear that I would lose them if I didn’t say yes!

I was also keeping my prices low out of fear that my potential clients wouldn’t pay.

Why was that?

I’ll tell you why!!!!  Lack of self worth!

Lack of knowing my god damn worth, lack of respect for myself.

And it's that exact low self worth that can keep you living in lack…why?

Because – if you don’t honour your worth, it means you keep yourself small, it means you keep yourself busy, it means you keep yourself in a box.

Are you actually keeping yourself in a box out of fear of changing?  Are your unconscious desires ruling you?

I was putting my clients first by making sure I wasn’t too pricey, I was bending over backwards to fit clients in around their schedules and by doing this I was lacking mamma me time and time with my child.

I was busy…but busy actually doesn’t mean successful…despite what our conditioning has taught us.

It was in 2020 that I knew that I wanted to achieve more by doing less!

And guess what???? I did it…I changed the god damn frequency.

And if I can do it, then so can you.

In 2020 I grew so much and I helped so many women I mentor to live a more limitless life.

In 2020 I had months where I wasn’t taking as much care of myself and those months were hard. Full of anxiety, full of booze, full of tension, full of anger and hurt to myself.

Full of negative talk, imposter syndrome and low moments.

Now in January 2021 and back in lockdown I feel so much different.

Before I switched frequency I was literally hurting myself by allowing my life to be like this.

Home schooling or no home schooling, it was me that was feeding the emotions and not feeling them.  It was me saying yes when I needed to say no, It was me trying to give, give, give, it was me that was overworking and getting underpaid

A women that loves herself doesn’t harm herself!

If you want this, have no idea where to start and want to learn more then get in touch and I will share some awesome content that I guarantee will show you that there is a different way of living life.

A life that’s so fucking freeing, brings so much joy and you have a zest for life each day…even if it is a day of homeschooling!

If you want my TOP SECRETS for how to start living a life so much richer, richer in happiness, richer in love, richer in achieving your life goals then get in touch and I will send you something for FREE.

But here is the thing…you have to take the ACTION TODAY.

If you are waiting then you are waiting because your unconscious desires are keeping you in that box.  Keeping you self harming and keeping you small.

Wanna break free?

I know you do!

Emma x


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