Are you lying to yourself?

empowering women mindset Sep 30, 2021
I was once a functional alcoholic
I was bulimic from 12 years old
I had distorted body image

I was scared to speak my truth and scared to be seen
I was confident but inwardly I was forever questioning myself
I wasn’t living true to myself

I was lying to myself - It was safer to not speak my truth and to not rock the boat
I believed It was safer to survive than thrive

In saying “yes” to everyone else I was hurting myself

But.. it was safer to hurt myself than to feel their disappointment or anger or sadness

It was safer to stay as I was than to feel rejection.

Are these words ringing true???

With coaching and therapy I’ve upgraded and it feels so freeing

I’m now a rapid abundance therapist a coach to worn out women that are overwhelmed

I support women to go from overwhelm to overflow

Yes it’s scary

What’s scarier??? Knowing that I was probably over half way through my life before I stepped into my true power

Here I am at a sober festival ⬇
Loving life
Being me - my authentic true, proud, happy and confident self

The self doubt and I’m not enough still creeps in sometimes but the majority of the time I feel like a sexy confident women in her prime

I’m in what they call “early menopause” (no periods for 2 years)

It’s not as bad as they make out when you do the inner work

Menopause is just another stage of awakening

I had a midlife awakening and I’m looking n feeling good

I’d love to share more on this If you are interested drop me message.

No obligation at all
Emma x

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