Are you struggling to achieve the lean, sculpted body that you dream of?

Do you eat healthily the majority of the time, yet you still aren't seeing the fat loss you hope for? You put in the effort, you understand what healthy foods are and you cook from scratch but still don't see results? 

Perhaps you order in "healthy" boxes with great ingredients to save time and keep you on track, but you still aren't shaping up? Or you admit that you aren't always "on it", after all you're a busy mum running a family, a business, a life and you love a night out with the girls!

Life is for living...right? You don't want to live off salad forever but you've tried keto, intermittent fasting, 5-2 diets, juices and cleanses and each time ended back up at square one. You snack on Nak'd bars and love your eggs and smashed avocado on sourdough toast because they're good choices right?!

Sound familiar??

Let me tell you a've got to balance those macros!

Help me balance my macros

Are you ready to make a lifestyle choice?

The photo on the left is me after I had my son. Like many mums, I had gained weight and was making unhealthy choices with food and alcohol. Didn't I deserve that glass of wine and chocolate bar, it had been a difficult day after all!

My macros were waaaaayyy off 🤣

A shift in mindset and lifestyle has changed my health and my body. Our bodies deserve our respect, we get to look after them, move them and feed them nourishing healthy foods. You only have one body, look after it well!

Emma x

Time to get off the "diet" and become your own food detective!

To achieve the sculpted, lean body you desire, you need to find out your unique maintenance calories in order to calculate your calorie deficit. You need to know how to eat and train around your monthly cycle and energy levels. And you need to fuel that body with protein, carbs and much of each depends on YOUR unique body type!

I want to be a food detective

Teaching you how...

You don't need hour long gym workouts, (Actually I am giving you permission as a busy mum to slow down and focus on your health and nutrition) you don't need to fast; you don't need a no carb diet!! You simply need to find YOUR unique food plan.

Sculpt & Lean isn't a plan written for a 20 year old man or woman, it is a plan written for YOU by YOU

Did you know...

Whilst fasting may be good for immunity, it isn't good for a peri-menopausal woman's hormone system! Yes, it could actually be contributing to your belly fat! As could that high fat, low carb plan!

Sculpt & Lean

This is THE diet that you get to design for yourself, based around your unique body, taste buds, lifestyle and time. This programme will educate you for life; you will start to renew your metabolic system and lose that stubborn belly fat FAST!

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Amazing results

"I’ve gone from a size 16 to a size 14. Today I purchased size 14 jeans but I’ve got to take them back for the size 12! Unbelievable... I now know where I was going wrong! Yes.. I ate healthy but I was over eating on fats! Who would have known!"

Macros matter

Your macros matter more than your steps according to your fitbit, after all the recommended 10,000 steps was plucked out of thin air! Macros matter more than achieving your personal best at the gym or visiting the gym daily for a week! There is no point in training hard without the correct fuel to sculpt your body!

Your macros matter more than how far you ran. You can't run off a diet that's lacking the right nutrition to support your exercise programme of choice.

I'm ready to learn
Scales showing food to illustrate the importance of macros

A calorie isn't just a calorie

Different foods require different amounts of energy to be processed and used by our body. A carb isn't bad and increasing your fat intake won't make you lean. Counting calories and fasting may help you lose a little weight, but focusing on your macros actually helps you sculpt those female curves and shapes your body.

The Sculpt and Lean way keeps you fuller for longer with sustained energy. You get to eat out and enjoy your foods whilst getting a flatter tummy and sculpting the body. As you lean out, those hourglass curves start to pop!


Taking the guess work out of it

Maybe you can press up but have zero arm definition. You don't need to press up more, you need to change your diet! Maybe you are lean but have a little tummy. You don't need to fast or go running for longer, you need to do the Sculpt and Lean diet! 

Maybe you yoyo diet and jump from one plan to another with little to show for it...what if there was a way that you knew exactly how to programme your diet so you weren't guessing? Calorie counting simply doesn't work long term. Yes you lose weight initially but often its just water from decreasing carbs.  There is another way, let me show you how!

Show me how!

Renew your metabolic system

Most programmes are one size fits all diet plans, often put together by men and not designed for worn out, hormonal women of 35 years and over! Yet we do the burpees, we try and eat what they suggest...then we have a bad day, get our period, feel low and tired and reach for the cake and wine! 

How many times have you started over? You've tried military fitness, barre, kettlebells and you're utterly exhausted. Tiredness and time is getting in the way of results. Actually its the tiredness and time issues that are the very reason I created my Sculpt programmes in the first place!

Who wants to work out for an hour hard and fast when you could do more focussed 15 minute workouts from home, get results and shape up!!

YES that's right, do the Sculpt and Lean programme alongside my 15 minute daily workout programme and supercharge your results. You can add the £20 a month sculpt membership to your cart at checkout and never need to pay for a gym membership again!!

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Harness your hormones

This programme empowers you with wisdom and tools to help you adapt how you eat, exercise and live in line with your natural female hormonal rhythms. Work with your unique cycle and not against it. Embrace the feminine, you don't need to train and eat like a man to get results!

Ditch the belly fat

Keeping your hormones in sync will drop the belly fat that we don't want as we head towards menopause. Sculpt & Lean is written for busy women by a busy woman that suffered with weight gain around the middle despite healthy eating.

Age in health

Better nutrition is a must for women who suffer from weight gain, (particularly around the belly) mood swings, trouble sleeping, fatigue, constant hunger, intense cravings and body aches and pains. It is also essential for maintaining bone health, a strong heart and healthy brain as we age.

The Sculpt & Lean Programme

This programme has helped 100's of women just like you to achieve the lean, sculpted body they have been seeking for so long. Not only does Sculpt & Lean help you shape up and lose the belly fat it also helps menstrual bloating, heavy cycles and cramping as well as the accompanying skin concerns, energy and low mood.

It's time for YOU to get the results you deserve!

Get Sculpt & Lean
Before & after sculpt and lean

Feel lean and look sculpted for life, despite your age or ability to exercise...

Sculpt and Lean includes:

6 video based modules 

  • What are your maintenance calories?
  • Strip body fat - The easy natural calorie deficit
  • Shape up without hunger - the lean out food plan for busy women
  • Is your moderation distorted? How your calories add up!
  • Time to see results - the best way to track
  • Plant based fat stripping

Course bonuses

In addition to the video modules, you'll also receive four bonus modules to support your progress through the programme:

  1. Period Power - How to honour your natural rhythms and cycles
  2. Macro Mapping - How to track using the My Fitness Pal app
  3. Macro Sources - Balancing macros
  4. Breastfeeding and counting macros

 You will also get access to a private Facebook group full of like-minded women. This is a great community resource providing advice, support and motivation as well as helping to keep you accountable. 

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Want results? Time to take action

Are you ready to finally achieve that lean, sculpted body? Ditch those scales for good and work with your body instead of fighting against it!

I'm ready! Let's do this