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If you'd like to workout less but get better results than ever then read on, this is for you!



If you are like most busy women, you want to get fit, healthy and strong without needing to spend hours in the gym because you simply haven't got the time let alone the motivation.

You want a quick workout that delivers you that strong, healthy looking body and you want it Amazon Prime next day delivery!


You think that you only get results by battling with the body, those no pain no gain & go hard or go home sayings have stuck...


Think you need hour long workouts to get results?

Think again! What if you can shape up, get stronger, more flexible and sculpted in just 15 minutes a day? We are all time poor and the main reasons for not exercising are time, money and motivation. 

That's why the Supercharged Sculpt way works. We ALL have 15 minutes, we can ALL workout from home (between zoom calls or kids naps) We can ALL afford 67p a day!

Not only do you get 15 minute workouts daily, but you also get daily mindset and FREE bonus content including the flat tummy core programme, training around your period, peri-menopause advice and a whole lot more ALL included in your monthly membership.

Why Sculpt with Emma?

Of course there is an abundance of free fitness challenges, apps and workouts available on YouTube as well as couch to 5k programmes and more, so why should you join Emma's membership?

Well that's one can offer Emma! No app or free download has her enthusiasm, support and knowledge, nor can they offer you the Sculpt Tribe. An engaged community of like-minded women who will lift you up and encourage you on your fitness journey.

Emma's support is unique and bespoke. She offers accountability, motivation, mindset as well as regular zoom meet ups and FREE 1-1 consultations to keep you on track with hitting YOUR personal goals.

Join the Sculpt Tribe
Emma mid workout with her arms in the air


Emma's unique style means she mixes cardio, ballet, pilates, mobility and flexibility as well as strength training and body weight exercises. All in just 15 minute daily workouts via a closed Facebook group.

Metabolic recharge

Recharge your metabolic system with quick effective workouts that leave you revitalised rather than exhausted and injured.

Hormone balance

Long duration workouts don't complement the female hormone cycle and actually cause more stress on the body. This is why despite long, gruelling workouts, women can't seem to shift the fat around the middle. 

Busy women workouts that work

Emma knows the struggle that most women have to fit in exercise or any self care. After a full day working and doing the house chores, the last thing many want to do is workout hard for an hour in a "no pain, no gain" fitness class. It's no wonder the washing up or kids bath time becomes more appealing. By 8pm, many women are tired and stressed and that's when they reach for the wine. Then it's a cycle of guilt and shame around food.

Sculpt your curves

Emma created Sculpt to solve these problems. 15 minute body blasts that are perfectly put together for busy women. The selected exercises sculpt the female curves and leave women feeling fit, strong and with a sense of accomplishment...all before 7am.

Yep, that's right! The best time to workout is when you first get out of bed. The trick to being successful in life is to do what you don't want to do first. That way you build resilience and guess what? The more you do it, the easier it becomes. The more ACTION you take, the quicker the RESULTS. Emma's programmes are ALL result driven.

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What are we doing wrong when it comes to shaping up?

Emma knows women's bodies and quite frankly we are trying too hard! We are trying to kill ourselves with hour long, hard workouts when our bodies and minds are already stressed to the max! Why do more, when you can gain so much by doing less!

Boost your energy, regain body confidence and become part of a supportive tribe of women, all working out to age in health, achieve that ageless body and nurture our minds, bodies and souls.

Shape me up
Show me how!

The Sculpt with Emma membership

This programme has already helped 100's of women just like you to shape up, sculpt their womanly curves and find the joy in carving out regular me time.

Now It's time for YOU to get the results you deserve!

Join Sculpt with Emma

Sculpt and hone those womanly curves...

The Sculpt with Emma programme includes:

✨ Daily LIVE 15 minute workouts (Mon - Sat)

✨ Motivation from myself and the community. I am active in the group daily to be your personal cheerleader as well as provide personalised advice on any issues.

✨ Mindset work to keep you on track with your personal self development and mental wellbeing

✨ Community support from like-minded women

✨ Access to a vast catalogue of video content 

✨ Exercise videos including mobility, upper body, core, weights and cardio

✨ Fit Mind content including daily rituals, self love, sex and more

✨  Nutrition advice for peri-menopause, pelvic floor health and more

All this for just 67p a day and with Emma's help and guidance every step of the way.

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Want results? Time to take action

Are you ready to finally take charge of your health and fitness goals, get the sculpted body you so desire and age in health?

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  • 7 day FREE trial
  • Daily LIVE 15 minute workouts (Mon - Sat)
  • FIT mind training and daily affirmations 
  • Community support from like-minded women
  • Bonus video content
  • Nutrition advice



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  • 7 day FREE trial
  • 1 month FREE with an annual subscription
  • Daily LIVE 15 minute workouts (Mon - Sat)
  • FIT mind training and daily affirmations 
  • Community support from like-minded women
  • Bonus video content
  • Nutrition advice

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