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Next group starts 10th September 2021

Think of this as your SPIRITUAL SIX PACK 

We delve deep and open you up to receiving more pleasure in your life.

You can create a happier and less stressful life. You are the generator of your energy and ONLY YOU can make yourself happy on the inside.

The 3 main reasons people don't thrive are:

✰ A feeling of not being enough.
✰ They have convinced themselves it won't happen to them because...
✰ They feel they are lacking and different to other more successful people.

This is all bullshit...bullshit thats weighing you down and stopping your pleasure from within.

Are you ready to cut yourself free?

Join the PMS Programme today and upgrade to a life of abundance

Let's say cheers to 2021, the year of your life promotion!

As I have already proved, you only need 15 mins exercise a day to get a stronger body.

What if I said that to change your mindset and upgrade your life, all you needed was as little as 30 mins a day.

Before you say “I can’t”  how about “How can I make this happen for me”?

What if I told you that you could break the 30 mins down into manageable chunks. For Example……. 10 mins on a morning and before bed and then a few 5 mins slots in the day?  You could even do some of the inner work whilst showering or having a poo!  Let’s face it we as women are the masters of multi tasking!

There has never been a better time to put yourself first.
This is the year to invest in YOU!

You don’t need fixing, you aren’t broken  What you do need is an update.

The 1.0 version is lacking self love and self worth.

The 1.0 version is tired, lacking energy and that energy is always depleted by putting others needs first or pushing and hustling and trying to be perfect.

The 1.0 version is craving more but has no idea how to get started or keeps starting and stopping as others needs come first and often feels like they are drowning in life. The very thought of you obtaining limitless potential feels somewhat ridiculous!

The 1.0 version is full of “what if's” and “I can’t because.”

The 1.0 version is fearful of judgement by others and is probably surrounded by people that would see self development as weird!

The 1.0 version hasn’t thought about herself in so long that investing in her well being seems somewhat of a luxury. 

The 1.0 version needs an update!

Yet….your hard earned money is well spent on

- Cars because they are a necessity,
- Vet bills without a second thought.
- Takeouts.
- Cheap clothes and junk from Amazon to try and lift your mood, but that mood lift is often short lived.

Yet, self development?????? That’s not something “normal” people get to invest in.

Where is your current energy (currency) being spent?

Our beliefs are drummed into us between the ages of 0-7 years. However, we were kids some 25 years+ ago and the world in which we live in has changed!

Its time to upgrade our computer systems! 

How many phone updates have you actioned? 

How many growth mindset updates have you developed and stuck to?

The victim, The martyr and drama queen/bitch. 

I want to Promote My Self

Making you believe in your god damn self worth and your fucking awesomeness is a power that I have.

Leading women to empower themselves and live in abundance is a passion of mine.

I am inviting you to take the next steps to changing your energy frequency to raise yourself high, to feel more energised and empowered than you have ever felt in your life…or since you were a young free and fun loving girl.

This VIP PMS programme will have you valuing yourself so that you unleash your full potential.

What are you really hungry for?

This programme will promote you from the bottom of the laundry pile to the top. 

Boosting your self worth and self love so that you release old behaviours and revolutionise the way in which you think, feel and live.

You don’t need fixing, your life doesn’t need dramatic change, you have everything you need.

WE all have limitless potential.  The only difference between those that live a life of abundance and those that live in victim mode is the energy we give and receive, our choices and the belief we have within ourselves.

Release procrastination, self- sabotage, limiting beliefs, unconscious desires and life conditioning.

This course is about generating an overflow of limitless potential and being the creator of our lives. Our life will have many twists and turns and that’s what makes it a fantastic story, but in order for us to feel empowered we have to become the writer of our own novel.

Self development and growth requires commitment and consistency and many clients before working with me keep trying to do the inner work without support.  They have done a few short courses and read many books… but they are merely only dipping their toes in the water.  Often they allow life chores and commitments to pull them back into their familiar and safe shell.

You get to become the creator of your own life.

Start receiving more in all areas of your life.  Become more deeply connected to your inner soul your higher self. Believe in yourself and find deep connection a deeper love and respect for yourself which will then bring you optimal health and pleasure. When our kids see us rise they rise. When our kids see us thrive they thrive. You simply can’t look after others if you are depleted in your own love, respect and energy.

Here is your invitation to rise up

This brand new VIP programme is for you if you want to:

πŸ’« Shift from survival mode to thriving
πŸ’« Support and soul lifting active group
πŸ’« Unblock and become a generator of energy so that your energy flows and your negativity goes!
πŸ’« Get out of your head and deep into your body. A mind that is not tranquil will struggle with energy and growth.
πŸ’« Fully step into your power and speak your authentic truth without fear or doubt.
πŸ’« Find that inner child enthusiasm for life within you and release her to the world.
πŸ’« Work with your unconscious desires and not against them to help free yourself of negativity and fear and self sabotage
πŸ’« Re-programme yourself and accept that you can thrive and feel great even when life’s busyness takes over.
πŸ’« Have the tools, techniques and discipline to put your needs first no matter what happens.

Imagine a life where self care was daily and not saved for special days.

If you have a leak in your bucket then it doesn’t matter how many times you put water in the bucket!  Let's work together to mend the holes first.

Let me ask you this

Are you over the constant hustle, chase, fear and perfectionism and ready to take full responsibility for your life, whilst being supported in a nurturing and loving environment?

Are you are sick of starting and stopping and feeling like you are on the hamster wheel of live?

Are you bored with your own excuses of time, lacking money, lacking willpower and motivation?

I'm over it all, I want to Promote My Self

Are you ready to immerse yourself in 90 days of body respect? 

A place for you to heal and release and surrender whilst reconnecting and growing

If you are fed up of feeding others and having a bare plate.

If you have too much on your plate and feel like life is a constant juggle.

If you are exhausted and overwhelmed most of the time.

If you love the mindset work in Sculpt with Emma and want more yet never get round to taking action.

You are easily triggered and on life's emotional rollercoaster ride with huge highs and lows.

You compare yourself and feel jealous of others and wish that the universe would give you a chance.

You are heading to peri-menopause and know that this is the time in your life to connect deeper. You have been ignoring your body, your lack of body love and respect for far too long.

Value yourself

Release the anger, resentment, hurt, trauma.

Change your frequency to one of high vibration.

Be the inspirational women that shares her story of growth and wants to lead other women into a calmer more fun packed life. A life where we live in abundance.

You are ready to take the reins and take charge of your life.

I would love to… but I don’t even have the time to shit in peace!

I get it, which is why you only need around 30 mins a day extra – that can be broken down to 5 mins slots if needed. It really isn’t time consuming.  You really can do less and gain more.

The zoom calls:

One will be a weekend early morning and another will be an evening in the week. The calls will be recorded and the worksheets available to download.

You will never have time...did you make time in 2019 before covid struck?…or was time an issue then too?

Now is THE time to rise up.

Why invest in me?

As you know I have been on a huge journey of expansion over the last few years. I admit I went about it the long winded way! I did online courses and read books and books yet the ACTION part was somewhat inconsistent!

Knowledge isn’t enough… it's the action that upgrades you.

It was when I reached out for support in the 1st lockdown of 2020 and invested in a mentor that I grew, becoming more consistent in my self care and self love.

Since March 2020 I have healed and risen and empowered more women to follow suit.

I have designed this NEW VIP course to be a virtual home for women to come together and support each other.

We no longer have regular women’s circles like we did many years ago and the result has impacted women’s lives beyond belief. Women have been conditioned to do everything and be everything and put themselves last.

Gut health, weight gain, period problems and anxiety are on a dramatic increase. I believe self development can help all aspects of our well being.

Have you outgrown your shell?

Are you desperate to feel better and live in abundance yet you just won’t leave your comfortable shell because you have moulded in it? Who is ready to take that leap out of their comfortable shell to find another shell that allows you to expand?

Do I inspire you? If so … take the leap. I did and I am so glad!

I was OK before but I am more than just “fine” now.

I was in the wrong lane and I simply decided to switch lanes, right in the middle of a pandemic and whilst realising I was menopausal….I could have said

“Now isn’t the time.”

But it was Covid and menopause that made it the perfect time to change the frequency I was vibrating at.

Join my VIP Programme NOW

If you have been hungry for more then this VIP programme is for you!

πŸ’« A soul centred support workshop

πŸ’« An accompanying workbook to dive into.

πŸ’« A private group that will be full of space to facilitate change.

πŸ’« Exclusive access to my private What's App

Are you an extra special women?

πŸ’« Extra special women deserve extra special support.

πŸ’« Extra special women deserve to live in a body that they love.

πŸ’« Extra special women have a desire to live more connected to their femininity.

πŸ’« Extra special people invest in themselves.

The investment...

Please note: you don't grow with free programmes. You only grow through coaching and investment. Time, Energy, Money.

In order to receive you have to invest. You can't expect an upgrade without investment. That's like wanting the return before any investment.

3 month programme starting Friday 10th September with
private group and 1-1 support
(all card payments taken, payment plan available)

Go on delve in deeper…you know you want to.

Don’t let fear and judgement hold you back

Are you a women of your word?  Didn’t you say you wanted to put your health first this year?

Invest in YOU, Promote Your Self

What your investment gets you

πŸ’« 3 months group membership - this will include daily contact with me, your personal mentor throughout the programme.

πŸ’« Opening Ceremony - Where we start to release, reconnect and open up to pleasure...expansion can be fun!
- Value £150

πŸ’« 2 x a month Zoom calls to help you expand from version 1.0 to version 2.0
- Value £300

πŸ’« Sacred online space where you feel heard, nourished and supported during your journey of more abundance. A place for you to heal and grow and laugh and to feel. A community where your soul will expand open in order for you to receive more pleasure, more love, more connection

πŸ’« Worksheets - these will help further your growth and are a great journalling prompt
– value £300

πŸ’« Meditations
- Value £100

πŸ’« Masterclasses (see below)
- Combined Value £900

πŸ’« 1 Hour 121 coaching session with Emma
- Value £75

Total value £1825 plus daily mentoring from me and the closed Facebook group which is priceless!

Can you put a price on a life upgrade?!

Meet your masterclass coaches

Rob Carney - Whole Health Connections

The challenges of modern day men and women living together.

Value £150

Beth Hilton - Voice activation coach

Teaching you the art of authentic communication and speaking your truth as well as sharing how to really tune into your divine feminine. 

Value £150

Anastasia Gerali

Unconscious desires coach and rapid abundance activation therapist (tm) rewire, reconnect, heal and expand in all areas of your life.

Value £150

Deborah Lacy

EFT expert to help you process anger and triggers. The masterclass to help liberate and empower you to be the generator of your energy. No more leaking cups!

Value £150

Catherine Topham Sly

Insight and Connection relationship coach - A perfect masterclass to watch alone or with your partner. Catherine helps couples with simple practical tips that work.

Value £150

Camilla Miller

This master tantrum coach will help parents who feel that their lives have been taking over by tantrums to live a more peaceful and happier family life. 

Value £150

Pay in full


  • 3 months group membership 

  • 2 x monthly zoom calls

  • Opening ceremony

  • Accompanying worksheets

  • Meditations
  • Exclusive access to my private What's App

  • 1 hour 121 coaching session with me

  • 6 x masterclasses
  • The tools, techniques and discipline to put your needs first no matter what happens.

Pay in 7 instalments

Β£114 p/m

  • 3 months group membership 

  • 2 x monthly zoom calls

  • Opening ceremony

  • Accompanying worksheets

  • Meditations
  • Exclusive access to my private What's App

  • 1 hour 121 coaching session with me

  • 6 x masterclasses
  • The tools, techniques and discipline to put your needs first no matter what happens.