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Terms & Conditions:

Strictly no refunds

Results only guaranteed if you listen to the recording everyday for 30 days.   

In order to be able to go into hypnosis you have to be open to the process and believe the process will work.

Be open to receiving a new way of living healthily rather than closed off to it not working. You must also listen daily to the transformation recording.

The transformation will only work if you REALLY want to change.  Whilst this transformation will bypass WILL POWER – like NLP on speed!  It's important to remember that weight loss and body transformation won’t occur just by listening to the transformation. 


This hypnosis is for educational purposes only. If you have any medical conditions or are on any psychosis medication, please seek the advice of your doctor.

Should you choose to stay on for the hypnosis, you are choosing to do so of your own free will and take full responsibility for yourself and the results thereof.

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Forever Sculpted Payment Plan

Imagine life without the weight battle, imagine life where you really respected your body and didn’t feed it the crap that you know is bad...you had that willpower with you at all times and you found making the right food choices easy and effortless.  

Are you ready to be transformed?

What you'll get:

- Group coaching call on fat loss and beliefs (1 hour)

- Group hypnotherapy session (1.5 hours)

- Transformation therapy session

- Forever sculpted audio recording that you MUST listen to daily

The Forever Sculpted  hypnotherapy session will erase and eradicate old belief systems and easily and effortlessly get you eating healthier and exercising more for life.  Not because you have to to stay a certain weight...but because you want to.. You will want to work out more, you will want to get up early and workout, you will want to eat better and you will crave healthy, yummy delicious foods.  

Picture your life now, picture yourself FREE from diets and FREE from on/off fitness programmes.  Imagine a life where you were fit and healthy for life.  Where you loved nothing more than working out and eating healthy. How good would it feel in that body? 

Hypnotherapy Principles:

Hypnosis is a state of mind that we fall into many times during the day and it is perfectly safe and natural.

In the Hypnotherapy session we will be using the power of hypnosis as a way to understand why we feel the way that we do and clear any old beliefs and blockages in order for us to expand and release, rewire and re-programme.

I will then take you through a transformation process. Following that you will then be required to listen to a short transformation recording every day for 30 days in order for the blockages to fully release and to allow yourself to open up to expansion. 

Rapid Activation Hypnotherapy is facilitating hypnosis for therapeutic reasons. As we calm the nervous system we become more suggestible - rest assured YOU the client has full control over the session.  I merely guide you through the process so that you easily and effortlessly rewire your belief systems.

Hypnotherapy is a brilliant and easy way to understand the root cause of a problem, it's psychotherapy with a relaxed mind and is like NLP on speed.  We get to the root cause faster and with ease and then we use the power of hypnosis to take you into your transformation. 

Important information about your session.

The initial group coaching call is 30 - 45 mins 

Session 2 is approximately 1.5-2 hour session where I take you into hypnosis to heal, rewire, upgrade and transform.

After this session you will receive a short transformation recording that you are required to listen to daily.

Session 3 will be our final review and accountability session.

On the day of your hypnotherapy, you must be in a comfortable space where you won't get interrupted. Please be warm and have tissues and water.  You need good wifi and its best to have headphones to drown out any noise.  Ideally you will be home alone and any pets will be out of the room to avoid you being disturbed. You will still hear noise around you and thats ok. We are just trying our best to get you into a calm state in order to have the best experience. 

Making sure you are calm beforehand is also important. Please make sure you meditate or do some calming breath work 10 mins before the session...don't go from stressed out work environment straight into hypnosis.

Please remember hypnosis isn't a fix or cure.  However, it's the fastest way to make sense of your beliefs and upgrade them.

Emma's hypnosis is NLP therapy on speed...its a fast track upgrade to a life free of the limitations you have in your head.