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Sculpt & Lean

Sculpt & Lean

This is how I get results quick.

Please Note:  This is tracking Protein, Carbs and Fats to make sure you see results in 6 weeks - 8 weeks.

The course is yours for 8 weeks with 6 accountability calls included in the price!

This accompanies the Sculpt with Emma fitness programme.  

Often people add in crazy workouts when actually it's their Macros they need to balance in order to shift the excess pounds. 

We will be going lean with our foods so you will be having to cut back on things you love.  Although you will love the results you see and feel so I believe it's worth it.


I also believe that we should have a few meals off plan each week.  Therefore if you love a curry, pizza or cake you can still have it and get results (just not daily obviously!)


This will involve tracking and a little input of time and patience over the first few weeks.


You get the videos 

PLUS 6 weekly accountability calls for £50!!!!  

That's £147 of the price.  This course will NEVER be available again. 


This is the last time I will do this.

The call dates will go live at the end of the week.


Once payment is made you will get asked to log into your account by creating a password.  If you have trouble please message me and I will sort asap. 

This will be a 6 week eye opening challenge that will transform the way you eat.  It's a diet that you get to design for yourself, based around your unique body, taste buds, lifestyle and time. This programme will educate you for life; you will start to renew your metabolic system and lose that stubborn belly fat FAST!

This is your opportunity to feel lean and look sculpted and it's perfect for this time of year to reset before the heavy carbs of winter. 

Finally get the results you desire and deserve.

What you'll get:

6 video based modules 

  • What are your maintenance calories?
  • Strip body fat - The easy natural calorie deficit
  • Shape up without hunger - the lean out food plan for busy women
  • Is your moderation distorted? How your calories add up!
  • Time to see results - the best way to track
  • Plant based fat stripping

4 Bonus modules

  • Period Power
  • Macro Mapping
  • Macro Sources
  • Breastfeeding and macros

Access to a private Facebook support group. Find your accountability tribe to motivate and support you on your journey.

Terms & Conditions

Strictly no refunds
You will have lifetime access to the course and the Facebook group provides ongoing support.


This site offers health and fitness advice.
None of this information should be a substitute for professional advice from your health care provider.
Always consult your doctor when embarking on a new health and fitness regime and get the all clear to exercise after birthing your baby.

This information is a guide to eating better for fat loss. The information provided on this site is solely at your own risk.


I agree not to share any pictures of you or your family without written consent.

I may use your food images and I may use your words. Any reference to names will be deleted.

None of the content in this programme is to be shared. The programme and its content are for paying customers only. By sharing this information with others you may be liable if they become unwell in addition to breaking the terms of this agreement.

If you have a friend that is interested then please refer them to the web landing page or ask them to contact me [email protected] 

Facebook group rules

Please only post uplifting posts, If you are struggling, reach out for help but try not to sound negative. Tracking can seem like a pain at first but consistency and patience is the key.

If you are really finding it a challenge then reach out to me and book a 121 Zoom call. We can then go over your foods and come up with a plan. These are chargeable at £60 per hour and provide that personalised support to get you back on track to success.

To book email [email protected]

Please allow me 12 hours to answer any emails and posts.

If you ask a question and I feel it is answered in a unit already then I will direct you towards that video/file content.

If the same question keeps coming up then I will address it in my weekly FREE live session.

Please note this isn't 121 coaching, this is an accountability group. You are expected to work out your own food plan based on your lifestyle and favourite foods. This requires a little time and patience and being consistent.

Don't keep playing around with the numbers. Try it for a week or two and then adjust. If its not working then you will know as you may feel tired, bloated or hangry!

This plan is about increasing nutrient dense foods and decreasing the crap! You will learn what "moderation" really means in terms of shaping up and you will get to make informed decisions based around what it is you really want to achieve.

Make sure you complete the course in order and remember, to get results you need to take ACTION!